更新的真快 lol

官網論壇更新原文   大陸論壇更新文章(簡體)

Version 0.1.49
– Fixed some major server crash and lag issues
– Images no longer revive from Token of Life along with fixing some other image issues
– Fixed Geometer’s Bane movespeed so it stacks properly with items such as Hack and Slash
– Sand Wraith’s Desert’s Curse now properly casts at 300ms instead of 500ms
– Sand Wraith’s Desert’s Curse buff now lets the Sand Wraith path through Fissure and Mummies
– Sand Wraith’s Dissipation to not hit Kongor
– Sand Wraith’s images from Mirage now have unitwalking and have 400 base movement speed
* Mirage now grants vision of all enemy heroes for the duration of the spell
– Fixed Moon Queen’s attacks to not bounce to runes
– Puppetmaster’s Voodoo Puppet is now immune to everything but Magic and Attacks (IE: Transfigure, Push, etc)
– Kraken’s Whirlpool no longer brings Bosses with it
– Kraken’s Splash now takes 25 mana (used to be 15)
– Tweaked how attack speed rounds
– Hosts can no longer autobalance once the game starts (Tricky hosts…)
– Heroes are no longer able to deny themselves when they have a DoT on them



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