[HON] 更新簡介

嗯 在雙十國慶當天 (?

Hon 邁向了版本

更新了不少東西 也加了 OStar 的 Mercurial Spectre 進來
                                            (下一篇再來介紹他 XD)

不多說 進入主題!!

官網論壇原文更新說明  大陸論壇的簡體中文更新介紹

就天貼原文說明吧! 比較原汁原味!! 有空在來註解… ( 逃…

– Fixed Swiftblade’s Blade Fury and Chronos’ Chronofield (broken from
Version (Server Patch)
– Blacksmith? Is that you?
Version (Server Patch)
– Fixed Magmus and Devourer from harming or debuffing themselves with their AOEs
– Fixed Maliken’s Zeal scaling (0.5/0.8/1.2/1.4 attack speed per missing Health point)
– Fixed the .48 changelog (Demented Shaman, Zephyr, and Monkey Couriers)
– Fixed attack modifying items/damage and how they propagate to illusions

Version 0.1.48
– Correct some attack speed calculations to make it more accurate
– Updated client game browser to support filtering by region
– Fortification of Sol/Demonic Fortification can now be used while silenced (teleporting to a structure with homecoming stone silences the tower)
– Disband game button has red text in game lobby

– Brutalizer, Charged Hammer, and Thunderclaw no longer propagate to illusions
– Fixed Brutalizer from bashing towers
– Steamboots and Enhanced Marchers can now be disassembled
– Symbol of Rage’s activation no longer breaks channeling spells
– Sacrificial Stone no longer gets charges from killing illusions
– Multiple Geometers Banes now share cooldowns
– Void Talisman is now removed by Magic Immunity and does not apply the buff while Magic Immune if used
– Barbed Armor no longer reflects damage from towers
– Insanitarius now stacks with Elder Parasite properly
– Monkey Couriers are no longer on the Tab key. They will remain on the ` key for selection.

New Hero
Sand Wraith, based on DotA’s Mercurial the Spectre.

…he likes to be fashionably late.

– Chonos and Magmus can’t blink out of Puppeteer’s Hold or when Immobilized
– Panda’s Face Smash and Succubus’ Hold will now break Mesmerize on impact
– Spider Sting pet will no longer be a target for Plague Carrier or Acid Cocktail
Dark Lady
– Fixed Dark Blades silencing towers
– The silence from Dark Blades will no longer apply to Magic Immune units
– Dark Blades base damage increase set to +50/70/90/110% (from +70/90/110/130%)
– Cover of Darkness reworked:
* This spell now targets a position on the map, rather than being global
* Enemies in a 1000 radius will have Cover of Darkness applied to them (unlinked allied vision, reduced vision range)
* Vision restriction reduced to 400 (from 500)
* Cool down lowered to 120 seconds (from 150)
* Mana cost redcued to 50/100/150 (from 50/150/250)
– Fixed manacost of Grave Silence when Power in Death is learned to 80/70/60/50 (from 160)
Demented Shaman
– Entangle duration properly set to 3 seconds at levels 3 and 4 instead of 4 seconds
– Fixed Energy Absorption tool tip displaying the wrong duration
– Whirlpool may no longer be used near the Well, Tarpit, or any trees
– Splash’s damage is now typed as Splash (will no longer hit wards)
– Whirling Blade changed to trigger at the start of an attack, not when the damage happens
– Barrel Roll max stun range reduced by 100 (from 700 to 600)
– Enemies who die from Master of the Mantra will no longer deny themselves
– Mana Combustion now deals damage equal to 60% of the mana drained (decreased from 80%)
– Mana Combustion no longer gives mana back to Magebane
– Flash armor for allies lowered to 2/3/4/5 (from 7.5) and duration lowered to 7 seconds (from 10, for allies only)
– Hellbourne Zeal now increased attack speed by 1.4 for every 1% health missing. No longer gives a chance to critically strike.
– Possession now applies a temporary +20/40/60 Armor buff to Maliken for the first 2 seconds, which decreases to +0 armor over the next 5 seconds
– Volatile Pod now deals Magic damage
– Flurry no longer Disjoints
– Flurry now takes 0.45 seconds to finish (from 0.25)
– Flurry applies +15/25/35/45% bonus damage (from +15/30/45/60%)
– Flick now applies -2/-4/-6/-8 armor (from -3/-4/-5/-6)
– Flick now has a range of 350 and does a mini-leap to target
– Cannonball now deals an additional 25/50/75/100 Physical damage to any targets within the smaller stun radius
– Cannonball can no longer be used while immobilized
– Face Smash now grants +30/70/120% base damage (from +33/66/100%)
– Stone Hide now unpurgable (Again!)
– Voodoo Puppet now does Superior Magic damage. The damage is reduced by Magic Armor but goes through Magic Immunity
– Increased range on Puppeteer’s Hold to 600 (from 500)
– Puppet Show will now force the target to attack its allied heroes first. If no allied heroes are in range, then it will prioritize allied creeps. If no allied creeps are in range, then it’ll force the target to attack the next unit that passes within a 250/300/350/400 radius.
– Puppet Showed unit now has unitwalking
– Whiplash will automatically remove one charge every 12/10/8/6 seconds when not attacking.
Voodoo Jester
– Acid Cocktail’s stun will not stun Magic Immune targets anymore
Wild Soul
– BooBoo’s Entangling Claws no longer disarms and cannot proc on Kongor
– Wind Shield is now 8,12,16,20 (from 15,20,25,30)
– Cyclones now spawns 2/4/6/8 Cyclones per level, but Cyclones last 50 seconds at all levels



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